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Our clients expect safe, effective, and productive solutions to their business needs. That’s Dajwood's commitment to our customers: we offer smart solutions for your business in Queensland.

Dajwood has a variety of standard services, but our flexibility and focus on individual client requirements allows us to offer tailored services to your specific needs.

We focus our services on the Queensland region but can assist with projects nationally upon request.

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Recruiting Services

We know that the completion of a successful job rests on the quality of your staff. If you need support to find white collar, blue collar, supervisory and support staff who have the skills required to perform safely and productively, we can help.

Skilled Labour Supply

The right staffing solution can make or break your business. Your labour supply needs can fluctuate, and permanent staff can create pressures on your balance sheet. Not only do we provide operator hire for civil, mining, blue and white-collar industries, but we also offer staffing solutions for administration and finance such as rostering and payroll, labourers and tradesmen and temp to perm hire.

Permanent Hire

Our team has many years of experience and contacts in the industry, and this helps us to source successful applicants for our clients’ work. In addition to temporary hires, we offer permanent recruitment services to ensure your permanent hires can stay with you for the long-term. Our temporary and permanent recruitment services can also add value by providing quality staff for a trial period for potential full-time opportunities.

Temp to Perm Hire

Utilising our temporary to permanent labour solutions, you can trial personnel for a short period, before offering a permanent placement amongst your team.

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Consulting Services

Dajwood is a world-class mining consultancy, advising clients from start-up to rehabilitation works.

When you access Dajwood consulting services, you are gaining access to industry experience and strategic advice that can help you to operate your next project more effectively. We’d be happy to join your project team.

Mining Supervisor Mentoring and Coaching

If you want to give your staff the best possible opportunities, consider our supervisor mentoring and coaching services. Our managing director has nearly 30 years' experience in open-cut operations and supervision and knows what it takes to get the job done.

Our supervisor mentoring and coaching focuses on delivering the right mix of safety, professionalism, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and employee support. We also offer a range of consulting and training opportunities, including:

  • ​Relief supervisors for temporary support during employee leave.
  • A range of continuous improvement programs to increase the productivity and efficiency of your mining fleet.
  • Project Consultancy - holding the relevant Certificates of Competency, training, and supervisor qualifications to provide excellent service for your job.
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Operator Training and Assessment / Production Proficiency Trainers

Up-skill your team with state-of-the-art training that will allow them to safely use a range of heavy equipment. We are dedicated to improving the safety and performance of your people, from excavator and production dozer-push techniques to supervisor and operator coaching.

In addition to our standard training, we can supply a wide range of proficiency trainers specialised in mining equipment, who can help you get the very best from your mining teams and large-scale equipment fleets.

Equipment Hire

If you need additional equipment for a job, and trained operators to get the best out of it, we have a range of well-maintained equipment to suit your needs

Find out more about our equipment hire here

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