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Are you a civil construction or mining contractor looking to develop your skills? Maybe you're looking to develop your RII competencies with an RII ticket. Are you thinking about a career as an excavator or heavy equipment operator? Then look no further than our industry best practice training courses.

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We offer almost 30 years’ experience, and a wealth of industry knowledge and insight to all our clients. Our company motto is to be 'safe, efficient and productive', and this is our commitment to all our customers and clients. Operating mostly in Queensland, we understand your working environment and how best to get the job done.

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Training Services Available

At Dajwood, we are pleased to provide you and your staff with proficiency training and consulting services. Our skilled team have the experience and expertise required to improve the safety and performance of your operations and employees. Our team consists of proficiency expert trainers in mining equipment and operator skills. Our training services will help you get the greatest yield from your own work or mining team, machinery, and vehicle fleets.

Some of our specialty training includes:

  • Effective Production Dozing Operations
  • Truck - Excavator/Shovel Circuit Management
  • Excavator Operator Effectiveness
  • Ancillary Equipment Management
  • Excavator Training
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Training
  • Machine Operator Training
  • Dozer Operator Training
  • Equipment Management Training

As well as others to meet your needs. If the course you are looking for isn't listed above, contact us today and discover how we can help, and to obtain an obligation free quote.

At Dajwood we can support you with all your construction and mining training requirements. Training can be delivered at our Farleigh Branch in Mackay, and we can issue RII tickets and are affiliated with an RTO.

We can assist with the following upskilling and skill conversions:

  • ​Converting MCN to RII
  • Converting OH&S to RII
  • Training to RII Standard

Additional to these services, we also train, assess and issue RII ticket statements of attainment for mobile equipment operation. Something that might help you get that job!

What Are RII Competencies?

Resource & Infrastructure & Industry (RII) competencies are nationally recognised qualifications supporting the Resources Infrastructure Industry. They were introduced to replace the old OH&S licenses. Your qualification will include being recognised with an RII ticket.

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Consulting and Mentoring

With almost 30 years of experience in open cut operations and supervision, our highly qualified and experienced team of Mining Consultants (both mentors and coaches) impart you with the best knowledge to help you get the job done. Our training demands high levels of safety, professionalism, productivity, and cost effectiveness, promoting these values among all those we train.

We are pleased to offer a range of skills and training services to all clients, including:

  • Relief supervisors for temporary support during employee leave
  • Continuous improvement programs to increase productivity and efficiency of your mining fleet
  • Project Consultants: our team holds the relevant Certificates of Competency, training and supervisor qualifications to provide excellent service.

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