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Need Support Finding Skilled and Professional Staff for Short- or Long-Term Projects?

Our team have a wealth of experience in mining, civil, construction, manufacturing, warehouse, production, logistics, and blue-collar industries managing high profile clients throughout Australia and Internationally. From coordinating and developing new operations, consulting on troublesome projects, and managing rosters and payroll, our company has a range of services to assist our clients.

Company Director Julie Thomson has close to 15 years HR and recruitment experience in various industries; including mining; and began with Dajwood at its conception in 2008. Julie has the knowledge to ensure the appropriate personnel with the required skills and attitude is offered and ensures her team will deliver.

Managing Director Darb Thomson has 30+ years’ experience in both mining and civil industries and knows the type of personnel required to successfully deliver projects.

Our business model is created around our capability to recruit, place and manage a large workforce of skilled, and professional staff with an extensive variety of skills.

We have built a large database of over 9,000 casuals from blue collar, white collar, utilities, warehouse, transport and logistics, oil & gas, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, retail, and supervisory personnel. Your organisation will benefit from our specialised approach to these services because of our commitment to a reliable, personalised service, backed up by a high level of technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

Safe, efficient, and Productive. That is our promise and commitment to our clients. Safety begins with teamwork, and we actively engage with our workforce as safety is a priority. Dajwood is committed to ensuring all our employees return home free from injury.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a highly flexible, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients through our commitment to sound business practices. This will ensure that both our clients and Dajwood meet their desired goals.

We also offer international supervisor, management, tradesman, contract administration and various other recruitment services. Our recruitment services cover a wide range of disciplines and unlike other providers, we cater our services to our client's needs. Whether you're based in Australia, Papa New Guinea, South Africa or anywhere else in the world - Dajwood can meet your recruitment needs.

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Dajwood are continually on the lookout for qualified personnel to join our team.

We aim to achieve a safe, efficient and productive working environment and inspire all employees to strive for excellence at all times.

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Recruitment Services

Dajwood have the skills required to recruit the correct workers for the safety and performance of your equipment operation in the workplace. We can help you recruit machine operators, supervisors or support your team with coaching

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