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Julie Thomson – Director

Time at Dajwood – Since 2008

Julie has had over 19 years’ experience in both the Mining and Insurance industries.

Career Overview

Julie Thomson started in the insurance industry as a claims assistant in 1996. From there, Julie worked her way up to Office Manager and completed the Insurance Industry accreditations for Insurance Assessing. In 2005, she began her career with the mining industry as a Mining Assistant / Recruitment Officer on site at Thiess Pty Ltd. During her time at Thiess, Julie was in charge of all procurement for the department as well as recruiting both permanent and casual labour. Julie then moved into a HR Manager role in 2007 for a major Labour Hire Supplier in Mackay. In this position, she managed over 390 employees and serviced approximately 18 mine sites within the mining industry.

In 2008, Julie commenced Dajwood Pty Ltd - part time working as a consultant and after leaving the HR Manager’s role, she worked as a consultant on site setting up training systems and databases. Julie had also consulted as a Marketing Coordinator, and as the PA to the Managing Director of an Engineering Workshop. During this time she was also doing part time recruitment for Clients. Moving forward from this, Julie commenced working for Dajwood full time in 2009 managing and recruiting the Dajwood labour hire workforce as well as managing and co-ordinating the equipment fleet. During this time Darb also commenced working for Dajwood full time as a mining consultant/production coach and then in 2011 took over the Management of the Dajwood Equipment Fleet, growing it to what it is today.

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Darb Thomson – Managing Director

Time at Dajwood – Since 2009

Darb has had over 29 years’ experience in the Mining Industry.

Career Overview

Darb Thomson began his career in the mining industry in 1986 as a Plant Operator. This gave him great insight into the industry which set the foundation for what was to come. He continued to work as a plant operator/Leading hand and then moved into a mining supervisor role with Eltin in 1993. He travelled to New Zealand to complete a gold mining contract with the company before moving back to Australia to work in the coal industry at Ebeneezer mine and a short fill in role as site manager in WA. Darb then moved to Thiess as a Mining Supervisor at the Ernest Henry Mine, Foxleigh and Oaky creek mines before being transferred to Burton mine to take on the Superintendents position. During this time Darb was responsible for short term scheduling and coordination of overburden and coal mining operations, scheduling and coordinating the development of new mining areas. He provided regular and open communication with mining and workshop supervisors and coordinators to achieve a safe, productive working relationship. 

Darb was transferred into the Brisbane office working on project improvements, tendering and new project start ups including Tarong, Collinsville, South Walker creek and Lake Vermont mines. During this time he was involved in the start up of two new projects which included recruitment of mining staff, procurement of resources and minor ancillary equipment, major clearing and topsoil contracts and minor earthworks tender and award process on the green fields project, tender, award and set up of site communications and water management infrastructure and training and logistics of a predominately unskilled or green work force, once mining was started haul road, ROM and hard stand facilities had to be constructed during full production activities. Draft, review and implementation of site procedures also had to be undertaken with the site teams.

Finally in 2009, Darb began to work full time within Dajwood as mining consultant/production coach and then took over the Management and development of the Equipment Fleet in 2011. Darb has gained vast knowledge throughout his career and is available to contact for any Mining Consultant and Equipment Hire requirements.

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